I still remember the day, which is somewhere in the very last week of July in 2018. I reached pune after tedious still relishing train journey in order to attend the interview of EPAM Systems right there. When the train touched Pune Junction , a wave of excitement had flowed within me. What I observed at Pune junction was really strange and heartening.

It was around 3 pm afternoon and day was too hot. I was desperately looking for a way to exit that station. I asked one coolie ,”Bhaiya bahar jaane ka raasta kidhar hai?” “Idhar siri se sidha aage chale jaiye aur phir right turn le lena”, he replied. I was following the instructions. Meanwhile I found one pretty young girl standing beside a stall over there. A fair number of young boys were passing obsolete comments and making fun of her. She was not seemed to remain calm anymore. I went to that place out of curiosity. Someone among those boys asked me if I would have been any individual relating to that girl. I did not reply. After sometime they said me to go away and let them do their stuffs. This time I could not stop myself from requesting them to let that girl leave alone. They started laughing . I was staring at the face of that girl which was apparently somewhat in fear. Well, thereafter I caught hold of her hand and said them to leave her. Someone among them shouted, what I would do . Eventually I slapped that person twice. After some arguments all went away. The girl smiled and said, “Thanks!”. I said her to ignore those people. She asked me, why I came pune and all. She was from Nagpur. After few hours her train arrived the station and she had to go. I was very much elated as I saved that girl on that day.

That day in Pune still lingers me whenever I think about Pune and all. Finally, I left that station in the very evening on my way for interview. Literally, great was the joy in my mind that I can’t even express in words.

Your moments can speak to you in your loneliness some day.
                                (Abhishek Kumar Mandal)